BIM + Digital Construction

A vast array of new tools and technologies are making the design, construction and management of buildings more sophisticated. This is an exciting area in the design and construction industry and RYAN+LAMB Architects are at the forefront of providing BIM & Digital Construction Services to this emerging market.

Our current services include:

  • 3D Renderings
  • Shadow Studies
  • Integrated Revit Models for Architecture, Structure & MEP Building Services
  • Clash Detection
  • Development of Employers Information Requirements documentation
  • BIM Project Execution Planning
  • Development of Pre&Post Contract BIM Execution Plans
  • BIM Readiness Assessments
  • BIM asset data integration, verification and delivery (including COBie)
  • BIM Implementation Planning

BIM for Clients

BIM places the client at the heart of the design process.

In the early stages of a project, it allows us to develop an intelligent 3D digital model which can be easily understood by our clients. It enables them to have a fully interactive experience, with the ability to walk through a digital model of the building on their tablet or phone.

This helps clients to understand the design and therefore provide more complete feedback during the design process. This allows us move through the project with the confidence of always meeting our client’s expectations.

BIM for Contractors

The BIM process allows us to visualise and spatially coordinate all consultant’s models during the Design Stage when the cost of change is at its minimum.

Project coordination is carried out within the virtual environment where issues can be resolved ahead of actual construction, allowing for more efficient project delivery with greatly reduced waste.

Having implemented a BIM workflow throughout the Design process, Contractors can assemble project bids with greater confidence. Project logistics and sequencing options can be virtually reviewed within 4D timelines allowing for greater accuracy of site planning.

BIM for Asset / Facility Managers

We take time at the start of a project to understand our Clients requirements with regard to managed assets. This ensures that as the project moves through the design and construction stage, towards project handover, that all relevant asset data can be integrated into the virtual model.

When it is handed over at completion, it is provided in a format that supports seamless integration into the client’s preferred facilities management system.

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