Sport Pavilion, Distillery Road, Dublin


Client: Private

Works: RYAN+LAMB Architects are currently developing an outdoor tensile structure on a newly built All-Weather Pitch. Designed to be used as an outdoor shelter for large groups of players, the aesthetic of the structure captures the notion of protection from the elements combined with the idea of motion within sport. The forms speak to the dynamics of movement, the shape of the ball and indeed the idea of a cave-like enclosure providing shelter.

The shelter includes:

  • Storage for bags and valuables in the form of lockable units distributed along the structural grid.
  • Up-lighting of the interior of the structure to accentuate the forms and to provide lighting for changing.
  • Gable ends in fabric / canvas to enclose the overall space and limit wind driven rain.
  • Power and lighting to facilitate the serving of tea/ coffee and refreshments during occasional sporting events.

In progress