Distillery Road, Dublin 9


Client: Belvedere College

Works: RYAN+LAMB Architects have recently completed a new All-Weather 3G Pitch and associated floodlighting for Belvedere College’s training facility at Distillery Road (near Croke Park) in Dublin.

This was Phase 1 of a three phase Masterplan for the school and its sports grounds that RYAN+LAMB will be delivering. Phase II & III – Pavilion Works and Outdoor Track, Field and Cricket Facilities are now in design development stages.

The new, cutting edge playing surface is the exact same specification and performance as Leinster Rugby’s new pitches in Donnybrook. The low energy new ‘Musco’ flood lights are also state of the art and provide 200 lux of lighting (appropriate for National Class Competition) whilst having a minimal overspill. The egg shaped light fittings direct light onto the pitch and training surface and have a minimal impact on neighbouring residences – a vital consideration for any club, school or university in a built-up or suburban area.

A common misnomer is that recent pitches constructed are 4G. This is not the case. Pitch construction for GAA, Rugby and Soccer are all governed by their respective bodies. Each body has what is effectively a performance specification. FIFA and World Rugby are large, well-resourced organisations and both have approved 3G surfaces. They have not approved any 4G products. In simple terms, a 3rd Generation Surface is a long pile artificial grass with a sand and rubber infill. It is laid on a shockpad which is turn is laid on a laser graded series of specific hardcore layers. The reality is that any reference to 4G is really laymans terms for a high quality 3G surface designed and built to World Rugby, GAA or FIFA Standards.

Completed: 2015